Full Moon Art Journey

Full Moon Art Journey

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Thursday, May 27th 2021

7-9pm EST

on Zoom 

Journey beyond time and space to connect to guidance and embrace your innate creativity under the energy of the full moon.

May’s full moon on May 26th is the first Lunar Eclipse of the year taking place in Sagittarius. This month’s theme is around finding spaciousness within limitations, whether that is physical, mental, emotional, energetic or social. Connect with the wisdom of your compassionate helping spirits to collect information that will help guide you on your path in a way that is good for all living things.

We will begin our time together with a breathing technique & meditation to get grounded and centered into the moment. After, we will create sacred space to prepare to expand our consciousness with a guided visualization journey. After the journey, we will take some time to journal and draw whatever wants to be expressed from our experience. Grab whatever art materials you have and let's have some full moon fun!

No experience in meditation, journeying or art necessary. This is an interactive exploratory experience, it is not about the finished art, it is about the experience of tapping into ourselves in a new, expanded way.

You will need:

-A comfortable place to lay down or sit

-Something to cover your eyes

-pillows and blankets for comfort

-whatever art materials you have accessible (colored pencils, crayons, pens, paints, paper)

-an open mind and heart

Optional but recommended: candle/incense/smoke to create sacred space

Please note, in order to make this class equitable and accessible to all, I have created a sliding scale donation option. Please pay the amount you can comfortably offer.