Monthly Chair Yoga Class

Monthly Chair Yoga Class

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Mondays at 6pm

  • August 5
  • September 2
  • October 7
  • November 4
  • December 2


Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a gentle, safe and supportive movement practice done sitting in a chair or using a chair for support. This accessible modification of traditional yoga is great for people who work at a desk, who may have limited mobility or underlying health conditions that prevent them from getting down on the mat. Learn how to link your breath with gentle movements to find deep relaxation while building strength, flexibility and equanimity. 

No experience necessary, all are welcome.


Benefits of Chair Yoga

-Increased mobility and flexibility

-Build strength and balance

-Physical and Mental relaxation

-Reduce pain and insomnia

-Improve mental health and positive feelings

-Reduce stress and tension

-Increase oxygen intake

-Increase clarity and focus


*If you have any questions or concerns about trying chair yoga, please email Lindsay to set up a time for a free 15 minute consultation.