Soar high

Soar high

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Memorial Painting 

Painting in dedication for my father, Mike Gilbert.

Mike Gilbert was passionate and dedicated to his profession as an ironworker. He loved showing my sister and I the bridges and buildings that he built. Eagles are one of the biggest and strongest birds that conquer the sky. The eagle represents rebirth, courage and freedom. My father is now free from suffering, with renewed strength, his spirit flies on, carrying the iron beam effortlessly to the heavens. 

Each of the elements in the painting represent something meaningful from his life. Dad loved hockey, skating and skiing. He had a passion for music, especially classic rock. In his last moments, we played  “Stairway to Heaven,” for him. The bubbles carry the illusion of time and space, the seen and unseen. They allude to the transient nature of life. One moment it is here, the next it is gone. The only moment we have to live in is this one right now.

The rainbow bridge reflects the space between the material plane and heavenly realm. My father has been welcomed home to the heavenly city. His arrival is being celebrated with one of his favorite things, fireworks. My father had a heart of gold. He touched the lives of many with his kind and gentle soul. May his spirit soar on. 

Lindsay Gilbert Jamison