Client Testimonials

R. Levan

"Lindsay's art work is truly unique and amazing, and she is always a pleasure to work with! I also have taken 1:1 yoga and meditation sessions with her and learned so much from her guidance! I had terrible problems with my knees, adjusting positions to my join issues, mental anxieties, etc. I can honestly say our sessions dramatically improved my mental and physical health."


D. Stanley

"I have worked with Lindsay professionally for 10 years. She is a gifted artist and teacher. Sprit has spoken to me through her her many times. And, her work has the ability to bring calm, grounding energy to the spaces they inhabit. I have Lindsay’s art in my office at work and find that when I am experiencing challenge or lack of focus, just a few minutes gazing at her art will bring me back to center. Lindsay has also done custom paintings for me. Two of which where for the birth of my daughter, and hang in her bedroom to this day. I highly recommend working with Lindsay, as an artist as well as an intuitive guide"


C. Johnson

"I have had the pleasure of having Lindsay paint at many of my events. I have have participated in one of her Mandala classes and she is amazing! Her art is not only beautiful, but her presence while she paints is intoxicating. I own a few of her pieces now and I love them. I would highly recommend her for your event or if you are just looking to buy some new art for yourself." 



“Lindsay is an excellent communicator with a calming voice, always initiating a relaxing mood from the beginning of our mindfulness meditation class and continues throughout the session and beyond.”


L. Dikman  

Lindsay is absolutely the best yoga teacher I have ever had . Lindsay is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of yoga and shares her knowledge in a warm and welcoming manner. She is an example of excellent instructional skills . I highly recommend Lindsay and her yoga classes

Donna Scarboro

"She is very knowledgeable and very committed to yoga. As a teacher she is very patient, encouraging and supportive. I was so out of shape and really didn't believe I could do yoga but Lindsay convinced me I could."



"I started with Lindsay on the recommendation of 2 friends, both of whom have judgments I greatly respect and who each have back and spine issues. They found, as have I, that Lindsay is very adept at making adjustments to various postures to accommodate physical limitations. I am 66 and started at ground zero with yoga. Lindsay actively listened as I described my issues related to a shoulder surgery and lack of flexibility, especially in my hips and lower back. She has provided various posture accommodations and a varied practice each time we meet. With her gentle guidance I have made great strides. Each session is never the same, but always focused and challenging in a good way. When we are finished I feel awakened, de-stressed and better physically than when the session began. I look forward to our weekly sessions and incorporate many of the postures she has taught me in my daily routine. I highly recommend Lindsay to anyone...whether an advanced practitioner or to a novice like me."



"I had lumbar fusion surgery over two years ago, and I decided that, as part of my rehab, yoga would be helpful. Lindsay was recommended to me by a good friend, and to this day I thank him for the recommendation. We started at two or three times a week, and are now down to one time a week, and I still find it very helpful. On the other days, I have incorporated a number of Lindsay‘s suggestions into my rehab routine. We do primarily stretching, core strengthening and “customary” yoga poses, with Lindsay mixing up the poses and exercises very nicely. At the same time, Lindsay explains what she is trying to accomplish, and gives me background yoga information. Lindsay has a great personality, knows her subject cold, is enjoyable to be around, and is always on time. Highly recommended."



"So happy to see that Lindsay Jamison yoga is up on YouTube now. This will be especially helpful for yogis with limited internet data because YouTube lets you choose a really low setting, if you don't mind a slightly blurry image, so you can watch more before you run out! Internet poverty & inequality & its impact  is not something we are talking about enough. Lecture over, hurrah for more yoga.

This is the first time I have done a Yin practice with Lindsay Jamison. I did learn so much from slowing down. If you want a practice in your repertoire where you do fewer poses, but hold them (supported with props, if you choose) for a good while, this is for you. It was a good chance to take some time out from stressing about the news this weekend & to regain energy for future action!

This Vinyasa flow from Lindsay Jamison was just what I needed. It was energetic and well, flowed, and was great for getting rid of some pent-up energy after a day where my run got lost to a work Skype meeting. Will sleep well now! Especially as I can play a tiny tiny part in keeping Lindsay's business going in tough times by following her donation links. Namaste."


R. Amber

"Mornings have always been hard for me - I feel a resistance internally to be present and feel gratitude for all that is around me. Starting my day with Lindsay's yoga practices is helping me realize how much better it can be with some dedication to slowing down and intentionally moving throughout the day. I'm grateful for her personality that beams through her method of teaching - gentle, intentional, very caring and inclusive. Lindsay explains poses in great depth so that we all feel supported and know our options - she considers the needs of the full spectrum and it's very comforting to know. Throughout the practice I appreciate her reminders to connect with the breath - it has helped me to follow that vital step more so than in the past. She also gives us comforting bits of wisdom, tips to let go, reminders to set intentions and mantras - but it's all suggestion and at our own will. Thank you Lindsay for your accessible and transformative classes."



K. Alexander

"Lindsay is a kind and amazing visionary who brings her pieces to life in an awesome way"