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Psychic Reading

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What is a Psychic Reading? 

A psychic reading will assist you on your path of self-discovery, transformation and personal empowerment. Readings are highly individualized to meet your needs so you can face your problem with insight, clarity and ease. Learn how to connect more deeply to your own inner wisdom and intuition.

Readings are a mirror, reflecting back what needs to be seen and known to unveil choices and opportunities for resolution. Lindsay takes a holistic approach, looking at the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, social and spiritual aspect of your problem to aid you on your path forward. 


What will I gain from Psychic Readings? 

Gain information, clarification and tips on how to hone your own intuitive abilities. 

Gain clarity and confirmation on your path to being your best self Uncover blindspots or hidden aspects of a problem that are causing sufferingConnect with spiritIdentify energy blockages (mental/physical/emotional/social/spiritual)Discover hidden talents and strengthsIlluminate potential pathways forwardLearn tools to enhance your own intuition Better understand your current life lessons and karmic patternsUnderstand current opportunities available to shift, heal and grow Discover where you are now, where you want to be and possibilities for growth/changeStrengthen your intuitive powersFind harmony in personal and professional life

What can I expect from the Reading?

We begin by setting the energetic space- lighting a candle or incense (optional) and receiving a few breaths together to ground down and connect in. 

Interactive discussion and ability to ask clarifying questionsAction oriented steps forward based on your intuition and my guidanceA positive affirmation created by you for daily practice 


Valuable insights, clarity & awareness of your problem and possible steps forwardRecommended exercises & resources to take with you on your unique path Confidence & re-assurance of your own intuitive ability 


What people are saying:

When Lindsay said she was offering readings, I immediately requested a time…seriously. I have known and followed her work for some time now and just knew she would lead me where I needed to be led. I was not disappointed. Lindsay offers a holistic approach to reading; using a plethora of tools. Her intuitive nature guided the reading and created a natural flow of explanations. I felt warmly supported and peaceful throughout the experience. Lindsay confirmed some ideas and provided many needed insights. I look forward to working with Lindsay in the future… 


Lindsay's intuitive and soul-energized style of reading invited me to ebb and flow along with her, and to deeply connect with the many gems she uncovered throughout. She invoked cards, runes, and her own deep wisdom to support me in discovering the questions and insights that came up in my story. I felt energized and ignited by the session with Lindsay. I felt seen in my own power and ability. She offered a potent space for me to meet myself. I loved Lindsay's ability to connect and listen to the spirit realm, along with her own grounded nature. 

Thank you Lindsay!


I’ve been working with Lindsay for about 5 years! 

As a plus-size woman, I am often wary of wellness spaces, but Lindsay’s yoga classes are unfailingly affirming, gentle, and kind. It means a lot to be celebrated for the body and mind I come in with, and to find joyful ways to stretch both! The feeling of autonomy is so important in all practices, and Lindsay honors mine so thoroughly!


I absolutely love the Full Moon Art Journeys! They make me feel both grounded and playful! It’s a great treat to give my linear math-teacher brain a break and let my imagination (and my art supplies!) run free. Recently I treated myself to a tarot reading with Lindsay, and I’m so glad I did! She helped me hear my own intuition more clearly and had inspiring, grounding advice as well. A friend to bodies, minds, and spirits! 



I have worked with Lindsay professionally for 10 years. She is a gifted artist and teacher. Spirit has spoken to me through her many times. And, her work has the ability to bring calm, grounding energy to the spaces they inhabit. I have Lindsay’s art in my office at work and find that when I am experiencing challenges or lack of focus, just a few minutes gazing at her art will bring me back to center. Lindsay has also done custom paintings for me. Two of which were for the birth of my daughter, and hang in her bedroom to this day. I highly recommend working with Lindsay, as an artist as well as an intuitive guide.