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Chair Yoga is a gentle yet challenging and supportive practice that is beneficial for those who experience limited mobility or physical challenges getting up and down off of the floor. This accessible practice is taught in a safe, supportive way that offers many suggestions for you to find an appropriate balance of effort and comfort for your mind and body in each moment. In this fun and interactive class, learn how to use your breath to find deep relaxation while building strength,  expanding your range of motion and boosting your mood to welcome a greater sense of equanimity into your life. 

Lindsay creates a safe space that allows folks to listen to their bodies and choose from various movements that feel appropriate for them in each moment. This is an inclusive, welcoming space for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. 


Benefits of Chair Yoga

-Increased mobility and flexibility

-Build strength and balance 

-Experience relaxation and deep rest

-Reduce pain and insomnia

-Improve mental health and positive feelings

-Reduce stress

-Increase oxygen intake 

-Increase clarity and focus

-Strengthens immune system

Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30am-11:15am. 

Please note that you will receive a zoom link the morning of the class. Please register at least an hour prior to the class to receive the link on time. 


Want to discuss whether chair yoga is appropriate for you? Please email Lindsay for a free 15 minute consultation to ask any questions or review your health concerns to see if this is in alignment with your health and wellness goals. 

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