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Ajna Awakening Original Painting

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Original Painting on Canvas

Size: 25"x 31"

Spray Paint & Acrylic Paint on canvas


*Gold frame included 

About this painting: 

Meditation has taught me to peel back the layers of conditioning and programming that do not serve me so more of my inner light of awareness can shine through. Authentically living my truth becomes more accessible each time I connect with my spiritual practice. Intuition and perception are awakened, opening gateways of awareness that were not accessible before. The world is a vast realm of possibilities and our perception of life is everything. When we change the way we look at things, the things we are looking at change. "Ajna" means third eye in Sanskrit. This painting is about the awakening of the Ajna chakra. A chakra is a spinning wheel of energy that is correlated to the nervous system and endocrine system and originates from the yogic practice and teachings from Vedic philosophy. The third eye chakra is the seat of perception, intuition and gives us the ability to see with more than just our physical eyes. 

Fun Fact:

This piece was created while traveling across the country on tour with the band Solar Circuit and is infused with music!