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Holistic Lifestyle Coaching


90 Minute Private Wellness Coaching Session 

Customize your health journey:

Mindful Movement: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative Yoga, Chair yoga, Adaptive Yoga

Mindfulness Meditation

Breathing Techniques


Chakra Education

Expressive Arts Techniques 

Nervous System Education & Regulation 

Stress Management Techniques

I am currently accepting clients for online sessions via Zoom or in-person in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

One on One, individualized sessions to focus on your unique needs and interests. 

Yoga is a holistic, all encompassing way of living. It is a lifestyle practice that addresses the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, social and spiritual implications of what it means to be human. Yoga is the science of self-realization; a time-tested practice that has existed for thousands of years which originated in India. 

Therapeutic private coaching sessions allow you to dive as deeply as you like and move at your own pace into exploring the drivers and barriers to wellness in your daily life. These life-changing tools enhance the way we live, work, play, connect and show up in the world.

Learn how to identify and transform your challenges, stresses and hurdles that keep you stuck so you can begin to live your most fulfilling and authentic life. Learn how to reduce your stress, reframe your attitude, release judgement and live joyfully in the present moment.

Therapeutic Private Yoga Sessions may include: 

Mindful Movement specialized for you (Chair Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga)

Reiki- A Japanese form of meditation and energy healing

Meditation- Learn how to train your mind to be focused and centered

Mindfulness Techniques for Daily Living 

Breathing Techniques 

Stress Reduction

Yogic Philosophy & Psychology

Grounding Techniques to relieve stress & anxiety

Nervous System Regulation 

Transform unwanted habits- create new healthy habits

Build physical/emotional/mental strength and resilience

Set intentions, goals and create personal affirmations

Mindful Eating practices

Transforming habitual ways of thinking, moving, being, relating that don’t serve you

Chakra education

Creative Art Techniques for Emotional Regulation

Visual Arts for Self Discovery

Emotional Resilience techniques 

Vocal Toning & Mantra Meditation 

Benefits of Private Yoga Coaching Sessions: 

Personalized attention for unique modifications to develop a safe practice

Great for Beginners or those who have specialized needs

Decreases stress, tension & lethargy

Relieves anxiety 

May reduce inflammation- great for arthritis 

Improves quality of life

May fight depression

Could reduce chronic pain

Improves alignment Build strength 

Improve sleep quality

Improves flexibility and balance

Can improve breathing

May improve your mood

Build resilience mentally, physically and emotionally

Discover your inner truth

Improve confidence

You deserve to live the life you love!


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